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Heritage hotel Leon Coronato & Restaurant Djardin

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After 300 years of roaming the unsettling seas, Leon Coronato finally sailed into a safe harbor, Perast. The size, sea-faced position, and original architectural style of the heritage hotel reflect the typical Baroque style characteristic of the 17th century. Once named Vasel, Leon Coronato (the Crowned Lion) is the bequest of a Montenegrin family Martinovic-Brajkovic-Radulovic.
On the original stone building, one can see 1623 engraved as the construction year. Though this part of the complex was reconstructed in 1866, the remains prove that it was built more than 2 centuries earlier. The spirit of the time radiates from the building’s stone facade, which was reconstructed in the 19th century to maintain an unspoiled exterior. As you enter the corridors and reside in one of Leon Coronato hotel rooms, you are transcended to a different era, away from the bustling traffic noise and murmuring city streets. Once again in July 2019, it opened its doors to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the typical Perast culture.
To serve your specific requirements, we offer 14 modern equipment rooms: Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms, and Delux Apartments.
Nestled by the shore, constantly washed by sea waves, our seaside dining area features elegant white chairs that provide utmost comfort and perfectly juxtapose the blue sea and the greenery the terrace is encircled by. Đardin restaurant interior was kept traditional with a modern twist to provide utmost comfort. To complete the experience, the kitchen is operated by the most talented chefs who strive to prepare plates of fresh meals typical of Perast bay and Montenegrin culture. Surrounded by greenery, Đardin garden is a true oasis where you can enjoy our authentic dishes made according to the secret recipes that were passed from one generation to another.

In the natural environment of Boka Bay, with rusting palm trees and waves breaking on the shore, in the small town of Perast you will find Restaurant DJARDIN.
Restaurant Pizzeria DJARDIN serves classic pizzas and sumptuous risotto to an impeccable standard. The simple menu doesn’t detract from the restaurant’s charm as the quality is flawless. Recently we added some Mediterranean food on the menu, so you can enjoy delicious fresh catch prepared in the Boka cuisine style.
Located on the sea walk, the restaurant has a spectacular view of the 2 islets – saint George and Our Lady of the Rocks, well known to all the tourists.
Catering for families with small children, the restaurant has its very own children’s play area in one corner and serves sandwich options for little tummies.
The restaurant operates during the summer season, starting April and up to November.